We may be small, but here at PeeBee Games, we pack a punch while offering quality services across game development.

We Offer…



Our designers thrive on conveying key concepts, characters and environments while presenting a strong aesthetic.



We specialise in developing games with Unity as well as other C# based games engines.



Whether it’s 2D or 3D, our animators love breathing life into our crazy creations.


PeeBee Games is a small design and games development company based in Perth, Western Australia specialising in creating a range of video games for the indi market. Our team favours not only innovation and professionalism in our projects but we also value and thrive on creativity.

We’re proud to offer a range of services to both clients and towards in-house based projects. Our team is always keen to chat about about your game ideas.

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Our team here at PeeBee Games of course LOVE games. In fact nothing excites us more than creating games through various technologies, whether they be educational or recreational. Have an idea for a game but lack the know-how to make it a reality? Get in contact with us and let our talented team bring your game to exciting, vibrant life.

We can help bring your game ideas and concepts to life with conceptual design, character design, sprite animation for characters, props and effects, environment art and UI/HUD design.

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